Roof Inspection – What All To Expect?

  • Before you call in the roof inspection expert you also need to learn why exactly it’s so important to assess the condition of your roof. Typically what many homeowners do is inspect their roofs all by themselves during spring and/or fall. You might claim that you don’t need to do any roof inspection but remember, even the strongest and most durable of roofs can be hiding some hazardous weak points that can prove fatal to you and your loved ones. It is usually advised to conduct a proper roof inspecting at least twice a year. This can actually help you prevent any and all structural damage to your home.


    Contrary to what you might be thinking, your roof could easily be way more damaged than you think. It is impossible to notice these small details and the underlying problem with an untrained eye. Following is a list of problems that only a professionally done roof inspection can uncover for you. It should ideally include:


    Full inspection of the interior of your roof which means going up in your attic to check for faults or issues in the following:


    ·   Insulation

    ·   Ventilation and exhaust apparatuses

    ·   Moisture and mold and mildew


    Complete inspection of the exterior of the roof:


    The experts will also go up on your roof to check for the usual wear and tear and any serious problems that it might be hiding including the following:


    ·   Leaks and seepage

    ·   Ice dams

    ·   Condition of roof shingles

    ·   Flashing (side walls, dormers, valleys, eaves and rakes)

    ·   Chimneys


    Looking To Get A Roof Replacement – Factors To Consider


    Improper Flashing

    If your home doesn’t have at least 3 feet of leak barrier, it is going to be difficult for you especially in rains. These should be specifically designed to repel water and this should prevent any leaks.



    If you see any seepage or leaks or absolutely any signs of water damage at all on your ceiling, there is most likely a leak in your roof. There is also a chance that the water accumulated on the roof is still due to lack of proper drainage or clogged gutters and/or blocked pipes. Strong winds may blow away some of your shingles which may leave space for water to seep in and cause further damage.


    Apart From These Concerns You May Also Look For

    ·   Rotting and mold

    ·   Structural damages such as chipping or tilting of the roof or swelling walls and falling paint and plaster

    ·   Shingle deterioration and gutters blockages


    What Should You Do If You Find Your Roof Constantly Plagued By These Problems?


    There is a high chance that your roof is already facing these problems and more if you are not careful in your assessment. If you see that these problems have escalated, it’s time to call a skilled and licensed roofing professional. Pick one who is bonded and have them assess all the potential problems that could cause major damage to your house down the road. You can begin very easily by checking on the most trusted sites. You should be able to find a reliable roofing professional and ask them about their inspection and/or repair estimate on their official website for instant response.


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