Smart And Simple Ways To Remove Floor Stains

  • Stains on the floor are very usual things that happen to us at our home or workplace. The continuous movement of traffic, the food spills and liquids on the floor are some most common reasons behind the stains. However, the most challenging part about the floor stains is to deal them right depending upon the type of floor. Most of the time, people prefer to switch for the Local Cleaners London to get rid of stains but here we have a few simple tricks that you can try to remove stains on your own at the first go.


    Wood floor: if the stain on the wooden floor has penetrated inside the surface, then it can be removed with buffing and waxing. The water stains could be removed by placing and cloth and moving iron on the stained area or rubbing the denatured alcohol. While some tough stains could also be treated with hydrogen peroxide.


    Concrete: most of the time people believe the concrete floors to be impervious. But the long exposure to staining material can cause the floor to have stains. Thus, some quick tips that can be followed for preventing stains include mopping and scrubbing with a nylon brush. However, for tough stains, you can also buy good quality cleaners and bleaching agents. A natural cleaner can also be made by mixing hydrogen peroxide with flour forming a paste that can absorb the stain.


    Tile Floor: the toughest part about tiles is the grout. In case you get stains on tiles, you can use a multi-purpose cleaner. However, you can also try a mixture of hydrogen peroxide with bleach or baking soda with water to get over the stains which are hard to remove.


    Vinyl Floor: most of the people have vinyl flooring in their bathroom and kitchen because of good water and stain resistance. However, they can easily get scuff marks and discoloration. But they can be avoided by using dishwashing liquids and spirits with botting, buffing, and rubbing.


    Carpets: the idea of trendy homes these days starts with carpet all around the home. But this makes them very vulnerable to stains and spots. Most of the carpet stains could be removed with vinegar. Moreover, a mixture of salt and vinegar can also be applied to the stained area for removing stains. The stains of red wine could be removed by using white wine along with dump salt. While the ink stains could be removed by using milk and cornstarch.


    It is definitely a better move to prevent the stains but they are something which could never be completely resisted. Thus, you can work on all the above tips to clean the stains. In case, you are not able to treat them on your own, then the best move is to approach a company that could provide House Cleaning Services London to keep your floors always shining.