8 foods to Avoid if you have Sensitive Teeth

  • It has been commonly seen that certain types of food and drinks cause much trouble and receding gum lines is the result of that. Whether it’s men, women or children they should avoid eating the below-mentioned foods for their dental health.  They should see their doctors more often and keep a proper oral hygiene. Sensitive teeth is not a bigger problem because for dental issues like cavities or infected tooth, Las Vegas dental implants treatments are available. but taking certain precautions will help out in proper oral health and thereby, a great oral routine.


    Mostly, foods that are either very cold or very hot are the worst for those with sensitive teeth.


    Soft drinks: Soft drink is one of the main foods that you should avoid if you have highly sensitive teeth. The sugar and acid content in soft drinks is bad for health and we all know, health is wealth we should keep that in mind.


    Ice cream: This is an obvious no-no for those with sensitive teeth simply because of the cold temperature, but is also bad because of the high sugar content. Temperature gets much irritating if foods are too cold or too hot.


    Hot coffee: Hot foods and drinks are just as irritating to sensitive teeth as cold ones and having your hot coffee sweetened with sugar can make the irritability even more painful. The point is to make the foods less acidic.


    Hard candy: For people with sensitive teeth, it’s a smart idea to avoid hard candy such as suckers, peppermints and lollipops. It causes small tracks in enamel which causes trouble for canines. Invisalign Las Vegas is the option available when you go about seeing a doctor for sensitive and damaged teeth.


    Sticky candy: These kinds of sweets, such as caramel, gummy bears and sour treats are already very bad for your dental health but are especially horrible for those with sensitive teeth.


    Citrus fruits: Fruits like lemons, limes, grapefruits and pineapples are all highly acidic and this acid content further increases the sensitivity of your teeth. Remember that both eating and drinking these fruits expose your teeth to the acid content.


    Tomatoes: While we all know that tomatoes are a great source of vitamins, such as vitamin c, they are also a highly acidic vegetable. Be sure to avoid them if your teeth are feeling especially sensitive.


    Ice: Even if your teeth are able to handle drinking chilled drinks, avoid the habit of chewing on ice. Ice is a big problem for sensitive teeth for obvious reasons; it’s cold and can lead to tooth aches.


    So, the logic and basic is to keep avoiding the foods as it builds up to cavities which is harmful in the longer term and lately has become the reason for tooth decay. One should avoid for proper health and well-being. One should also go to the dentist regularly for good health.


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