In the Champions League

  • In the Champions League (microblogging topic) was Juventus (microblogging official microblogging data) after the press conference, Ancelotti pro-do not know whether next season can coach Real Madrid triggered the fans and the media unlimited reverie. According to Italy, "slow motion" revealed: Ancelotti has decided to Cheap FIFA 18 Coins no longer play as a coach after the end of the season, and has been drafted with Manchester City (data) coaching contract.

    Prior to the British media has repeatedly said that Ancelotti is to replace the popular candidate for engineers, and the Champions League out after Real Madrid this season, almost all the results are almost impossible to change, although Ramos and other big guys are behind Ancelotti to stay team, But Real Madrid President Florentino did not publicly declare Italians will remain in Bernabeu. And this summer ironclad Dortmund Klopp is considered the best candidate for the new coach of Real Madrid.

    Carlo Ancelotti left Real Madrid Etihad Stadium is not surprising, Manchester City has been running the Champions League for many consecutive seasons, but often frustrated in the 1/8 finals, but Ancelotti is the history of the Champions League One of the successful coaches, Blue Moon Corps eager to get such a good coach playing Champions League. The Klopp led the Hornets in the past two seasons and Real Madrid played many times, achieved good results, coaching standards are also highly recognized Real Madrid.