I fully recognize Aokangs strength

  • This year it is Oshkok's turn to be under a lot of pressure and this is the second season he has been working with India's forces, so the expectations of the outside world are quite high. I fully recognize Aokang's strength and talent and I have never seen any progress Preparing such a young full-time driver for F1, I learned a lot from fighting him, and he was a bit similar to my former team-mate, Keukenhofen.

    Catalonia, the main venue for the Spanish Grand Prix, will be modified to LOLGA re-lay asphalt on the track and the buffer at corner 13 will expand. The reason for the change is not so much related to Formula One, but to the tragedy that Moto2 took place last year.


    It is reported that the buffer zone 13 will be expanded from 104 meters to 124 meters, a grandstand will be demolished, the buffer zone will be covered with gravel to play the role of deceleration. This is where the Moto 2 rider Lewis-Salon dashed out of the raceway and died. The entire course of pitch asphalt was re-laid because MotoGP rider said the track was too bumpy.