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  • But we find the code, punch the numbers into the escape room supplier, and unlock the door in 36 minutes. It's not the only clue readily available, and each leads to another. Host Bryan Beery ushered the small group of Sun staff into the room, and with his "best Sam Elliott voice," told us how it was the home of an eccentric gold prospector who struck it rich.
    Ironically, participants left the dark, spooky themed event with smiles and laughter as they spoke about the difficult challenges and their struggle to accomplish the missions. Escape rooms like The Ultimate Escape Rooms’ Gold Fever are multi-faceted puzzle games complete with secret messages, combination locks, and compartments triggered by specific actions.

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    A few minutes pass before the key is found. Escape Room released its first trailer and turned the idea of a fun, immersive puzzle completely on its ear, presenting viewers with a situation where the players in the room are hand-selected in a deadly puzzle. Escape rooms are incredibly popular, but in the trailer for the new horror flick Escape Room, the fun puzzle fad gets a sinister makeover.
    Lined with locked boxes, tables with drawers, a pot-bellied stove, a bed, and frontiersman accoutrements, the only modern feature to the room is a keypad-locked door. Still, with so many intense psychological and supernatural horror flicks coming out in the next year, it’s nice to see one that is just meant to be a fun horror/thriller. Pictured, The Lock Boxx owner Will Ruoff (left) and Lauren Marsiglia show how to approach the puzzle for his mobile escape room.
    The puzzle becomes more and more complicated, compounded by each clue, some of which go nowhere. It takes a while before we hit paydirt ourselves and crack the diary's secret. Escape rooms require team-based problem solving, puzzle cracking, and creative thinking. We pour over the pages, reading the prospector's daily accounts of his failures and successes mining for gold in the California wilderness.

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    "This is obviously something that opens," Account Executive Jennifer Harbaugh says, holding up a locked diary. Titled Gold Fever, the challenge welcomes visitors to figure out the keypad code with the clues in the room within 60 minutes. If real life room escape receive an unsolicited, sketchy-looking invitation to solve one of the most immersive escape rooms in the country for a life-changing amount of money, just say no!