With Rosen holding the same idea and his university coach Jim -

  • With Rosen holding the same idea and his university coach Jim - Mara, since entering the offseason, Mara has spared no praise for his proud disciples: "I think Rosen is the best in the NFL draft four Do you think that he is the best player in the draft, do you think?"

    Perhaps Rosen’s classmates were more proud and at the same time he seemed to  Madden Coins be less popular with coaches and teammates at the university. In response to this problem, Rosen denied this statement: “You ask my teammates, they must love me very much, I’m hurt they will come to see me the first time, we will laugh and joke. They trust I, I also trust them, they know how much I care.”

    Although talented, the excellent quarterback at UCLA gives a feeling of being uneasy. Like the popular top pick in the draft, it has too many uncertainties. At the same time, Rosen had publicly expressed his unwillingness to go to Cleveland last season. "It would be better to be a low-position player and join a correct team instead of being drafted by a wrong team." For an undefeated Brown team last season, Rosen is more inclined to play for the New York Giants. There are still two weeks before the draft, no matter who Rosen has done, but I'm afraid he will be more obscure when he enters the league. Let's wait and see for the "best ever" rookie.