Inter Milan does not have the characteristics and quality of Na

  • After a 0-0 home draw in Naples, Inter Milan coach Spalletti admitted that the team "had never played particularly great football and was not of too high quality."

    In the home and away games of the season, the Nerazzurri and the Nerazzurri have a goalless draw with Neapolitan, but despite giving up the possession of the ball for most of the time, they still got the best chance of the game, but unfortunately, the head of the Scrinia hits. The doorpost popped up.

    “I think this is a wonderful game, and whether or not the FIFA Coins game is spectacular is a subjective one. I think this game is very good in terms of sharpness, tactics and depth. Naples has such strength, which is what everyone is talking about. In Surrey's style, their players are familiar with each other," Sparretti told Mediaset Premium after the game.

    "We sometimes bite them and at other times we are under pressure because the one thing you can never do against Naples is to lengthen the formation because they will play between the two lines. We have the opportunity to fight back We hurt them, but our performance is not stable. This is what I am worried about. Sometimes we do it right, have the right attitude, but sometimes we don’t, I don’t like the lack of stability. We can’t move forward and then we retreat Come back, it is difficult to establish stability in this way, I can't tell you what we will be like next week."

    In the second half, Spalletti exchanged the position between defender Cancello and Danbrosio. "If Cantero is playing poorly on the right, he will tell you that he will do better if he goes 10 meters. If he plays badly on the left, he will tell you because he should appear on the right. All players will In doing so, he is more than most of the players.He is a double-soccer player who can play the fore-worse in very difficult situations, rather than a full-back, so I will make him more forward in the flanking position. Advance."

    Inter Milan remained unbeaten against the top four teams this season. In addition to defeating Roma 3-1, the other five games were all draws (four of which were 0-0). In this regard Spalletti said: "It all depends on where you want to put Inter Milan. We have experienced a terrible, really ugly period and kicked some bad games. In general, We didn’t play great football this season, because I don’t think we have the kind of power that people seem to think.If we want to take over the game from our opponents, we must quickly pass the ball in a short time.But instead, we The ball will be transmitted back to the goalkeeper several times tonight.If you have strength, like Naples, you will pass between the two lines and move quickly.We tried but lost most of the time. Ball."

    "Neapolite is very powerful. We don't have these characteristics. I still have to think about the quality of these assumptions because I don't see it."