Find a Freelance Network Support Technician

  • A Network Support Technician is an IT professional who helps with the maintenance and troubleshooting of Computer Network Hardware. They specialize in areas such as Information Systems, Data Recovery, Network Management, or System Administration. The technician’s work ranges from Local Area Networks (LANs) to Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Internet Service Provider (ISP) networks. They may also manage Network Hardware including Fiber Optics, Routers, Switches, 

    Installation & Maintenance of Network hardware is the primary task of a Network Support Technician. The work includes tasks like checking network connections, cabling, and testing network devices such as router, switches, servers and network security processes. All these tasks ensure that the daily operations will run without unnecessary interruptions or failures.

    The Network Support Technicians must organize and plan system maintenance to avoid any interruption in the workflow. Assessing network performance regularly provides the data to analyze when and how to update the network to increase productivity.

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