Playable 'Anti-Hero' Nata Slashes Into Game, Choose the Next Cl

  • Playable 'Anti-Hero' Nata Slashes Into Game, Choose the Next Closers Credits Event Coming Soon.

    En Masse Entertainment has announced a couple pretty cool things for Closers fans. First off, the playable anti-hero named Nata has become available in game. He is a dual-wielding dynamo who slices through enemies with spinning attacks in conjunction with an ability that permits him to push out a an explosive column of your energy to devastate the opposition.

    In addition, the Closers community is able to help weigh up which hero will probably be coming to the experience next. Tina vs Harpy will probably be coming soon as well as the community's chance to cast a opt for who they'd enjoy visiting first.Lastly, En Masse reminds Closers players to check out the in-game search for discounted items AND free things that can help out with Cheap Closers Credits crafting, modify abilities and many more.