Ryo from Tamers, Actually Binds Together All Digimon

  • Ryo from Tamers, actually binds together all Digimon seasons and Digimon Masters Online Tera games, online one can possibly find the story of games translated and also to make it short, Ryo is originally through the universe of Digimon Adventure along with the scene where he appears inside the anime is a the end in the game Digimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers, and during your next game, D-1 Tamers, he gets upset which the only time he reaches go towards the Digital world occurs when the other youngsters are in danger or when one specific Digimon turns up to whom he being a connection, Milleniummon.


    After a fight with him, Ryo gets send towards the past and visits different DMO Currency universes through the series with his fantastic partner fuses with milleniummon to defeat him forever and stop his constant rebirth. After the fusion, the God on the digital world offers Ryo to go back home or check out a different universe and the man decides to search live from the tamer universe.?