How To Get Duplicate Car Insurance?

  • Buying Four-Wheeler Insurance today is compulsory and necessary. Your Insurance Policy comes to your rescue if your vehicle gets damaged or stolen or lost in an accident. There are different scenarios under which you need to file a claim. But for the same, you need to submit the original copy of the Insurance. If you do not store the agreement papers properly and lose them, this is a problem.

    If you misplace Car Insurance documents, get a duplicate copy. Here are the steps to follow:

    Inform the insurer

    Firstly, inform the Insurance company. They need you to inform them about the loss of papers without any delay. Explain the incident resulting in the loss of documents to the insurer. This is possible by calling on the 24x7 helpline number of your provider. The company then files the request to process a duplicate copy of the policy papers.

    File an FIR

    After informing the Insurance company about the loss of Car Policy documents, visit the nearest police station and lodge a First Information Report or FIR. Relay the same information provided to the insurer regarding the loss of policy documents to the cops. The provider insists on filing the FIR and submitting a photocopy to issue a duplicate copy of the policy.

    Place an advertisement

    Most Insurance companies in India also insist on publicly announcing the loss of policy documents by placing an advertisement in a local newspaper. Doing so is essentially a preventive measure and meant to stop Insurance companies from wrongly honouring claims filed by miscreants against your policy.

    Place the advertisement in English, Hindi, or other language newspapers, circulated in the place where you misplaced or lost the policy. Note that as the policyholder, you must bear the cost of the advertisement.

    Inform the insurer in writing

    Once done with the initial steps, write to the Insurance company informing them about the steps taken by you since losing the documents. Send a hand-written letter through the post. Use the Car Insurance online documents loss intimation method and send an e-mail. Explain the reasons for the loss of papers, give the personal, vehicle, and policy details, and attach an FIR copy.

    Execute an indemnity bond

    Execute an indemnity bond for the duplicate copy of the Car Insurance Policy documents. A notary should affirm the bond, and you bear the cost related to the bond, like the stamp duty charges and notary fees. As soon as you submit the bond, the insurer issues a duplicate copy by charging a small fee.

    Remember that driving without Insurance is a punishable offence in India. If you are found driving without it, you face penalties and possibly a jail term. Also, you miss out on the No Claim Bonus you are eligible for upon Car Insurance renewal. So, ensure to secure the documents safely.