Best Types of Print Advertising For Your Local Business

  • Having a successful marketing campaign for your business can make a huge difference in your rate of growth and projected rate of return on your marketing dollar. When analyzing all the different advertising options available, you might be thinking that print is the way to go. After all, print advertising has been around since the creation of the printing press.


    Business Cards

    Business cards are a great way to identify yourself or your business and give contact information. Business cards are also great for establishing an appointment time. For example, if you operate a dental office having business cards made up can also serve as appointment cards too. This dual-purpose is great for saving money while providing your patients, clients, or customers with the information they need all in one place.



    If you sell products, a brochure can be a great way to highlight the top ones you sell. Brochures should be full color and descriptive. You can maximize the return of this media simply by having a great layout. If you work with a commercial print company to create your brochures, they likely have a design feature in place.


    Promotional Items

    Promotional items are a great way to get your name out. You can apply your logo and business information to a wide range of products like pens, notepads, t-shirts, hats, and virtually anything that can be printed on. We highly recommend promotional items as part of your advertising efforts. This will let others do the work for you. You can hand promotional items out at booths, events, or wherever your business finds itself. Another great item to consider is vinyl decals or magnets. You can have a large magnet printed for your vehicle. This also helps for business expenses such as tax deductions.


    Why Choose Commercial Printing?

    There are several different commercial print types available. If there was just one, how would companies differentiate themselves from one another? It is less important focusing on how the job gets done from a consumer standpoint and more on what a company offers and its ability to get the job done. Can the commercial printer accomplish the task you need to be completed? Discussing your project with the printer is one of the best ways to answer this question. Keep in mind that some print companies might not be able to handle the scale project you need. The primary types of printing you’ll see are a large format, digital, LED UV, and offset lithography.