What Type Of Cleaning Products Are A Must-Have

  • A quick visit to your store will reveal how many products are available for cleaning. There are toilet bowl cleaners, multi-surface cleaners, furniture polishers, dish soaps, and many more. It can be quite confusing for most consumers to read through the available products and get the stuff that they really need. If you've been overwhelmed by this shopping adventure, you aren't alone. But we are here to help. Let us break down some of the must-have items that your home or business could find useful.


    Spray Foam Hose Attachments 

    Having a spray foam hose attachment is one of the best ways to clean outside your home or business. This can tackle tough jobs like cleaning siding, brick, or even your vehicles. We do provide a word of caution when purchasing a spray foam attachment, however. Not all products are created equal. Spending not enough money on one of these attachments could lead to disappointment. Cheaply made spray foam hose attachments will break in leak quicker than you can imagine. In fact, many consumers report that inexpensive attachments break after their first or second use. Do your due diligence and shoot from a reputable cleaning company.


    Water Bottles

    Water bottles are good for all sorts of things. But a spray water bottle can provide cleaning solutions in areas that would be difficult to clean. We recommend having a variety of water bottles, and in different colors if possible. This can help you stay organized and separate your cleaners from one another. Remember to label each water bottle so that you know exactly what's in the bottle.


    High Concentration Cleaning Products

    An excellent product to have on hand is high concentration cleaning products. This includes multipurpose cleaners that work for tables, flooring, or even countertops. With high concentration, you can make your own blend and strength of the product. If you need a little more power to break down tough stains, having a high concentration cleaning product on hand will certainly be beneficial.


    Range of Cleaning For Variety of Tasks

    The great thing about cleaning products in Canada is that there is a diverse range of products available to meet just about any cleaning tasks you may need. We recommend picking up the following:

    - window and glass cleaner

    - multi-surface

    - wood

    -cleaners for porous materials

    Depending on the cleaning test at hand, you may need different cleaners to accomplish clean results. Shop around and ensure you have the appropriate cleaners for the job. The last thing you want to do is do damage.