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The same advice is true for the fortnite weapons

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    December 26, 2018

    Racking up two eliminations with the minigun or light machine gun seems straightforward enough, although it of course takes you tohappen upon one of the 2 weapons. This is labeled as a Hard-difficulty challenge. (This started with a bug that Epic Games says ithas fixed.) You'll likely need to try doing so at a Solo playlist so you don't need to worry about a downed enemy being revived.

    The same advice is true for the fortnite weapons question asking one to eliminate three competitors in Lucky Landing--maybe not having respawnsought to make this easier. The remaining objectives simply ask you to deal 500 harm with SMGs to opponents (anything at the SMGhousehold will do) and to search seven championships in Dusty Divot, the meteor impact site included as part of the big Season 4update.

    Completing these struggles will benefit you with Battle Stars, which accelerate your Battle Pass and allow you to make Season 4skins and decorative rewards. Completing each the challenges in a specific week also completes a Blockbuster challenge, whichfrees you to Buy fortnite items a brand new loading screen that sends you to spots where you can get a complimentary Battle Pass routine. You can seehow to finish each Season 4 objective published thus far in our Fortnite struggles manual.
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